Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is Symbian being Outdated By Android

We all know about the symbian mobile operating system and also the Android mobile operating system. Both of these are the largest mobile operating system being installed on the today's mobile phones.

The Symbian is once a mobile operating system for high end mobile phones  but now all the high end mobile phones has Android as its mobile operating system. Now the real question is that whether the Symbian is outdated and my answer is yes.

In recent years the highly expected phones are Android Phones then the The real secret behind this is that the people like the Android as it gives better performance as a mobile operating system and also it is an open source mobile operating system.

Symbian is considered to be more outdated as it is now becoming more sick and tired of using it. The astonishing looks of the android has really killed both symbian and iOS.

Also we cant mention iOS being outdated because there are still a buch of mobile users who loves to use Apple.There are also still reason for the mobile users to move onto Android.

  •  Android can run multiple applications at a same time when compared to the other mobile operating systems.
  • Android keeps information visible on its home screen which is not in any other mobile operating systems.
  • Android has an app market which has apps created by its consumers all of them are accepted and not rejected.
  • Android gives more notifications.
  • Android can be installed on any high end phones.
  • Android fits your budget for high end mobile phones.
  • Android has better social integration and google search.
Also a recent statistics shows that the Android is being implemented on more phones shown below.

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