Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is Yohaan a Remake ?????

On 29/07/11 the official news confirmation of vijay to be directed by GVM by the below ad 

in all leading tamil newspapers !!!!!

The Flims cast is not decided except Vijay to play a lead role.

Ad published on 29/07/11 in all daily's

Yohaan is about a detective story which may be a science fiction. The flim has a second ad

released today (30/07/11) on all leading tamil daily's confirming the music by the oscar 

winner A.R.Rahman.

 The second ad confirming the music by A.R.Rahman

This is the collage which i found on the top10cinema which starts rumour about Yohaan 

This collage comparision of the two flims largo winch & Yohaan makes us to think 

whether  Yohaan is a copycat style of flims previously made by GVM. 

Morever the Largo Winch is also a adventure style of flim adapted from the Belgian comic 

strip of the same name. Lets wait for the official news or lets wait to watch the movie.

But all can hope that Yohaan may or may not be a remake but Yohaan is going to rock on 


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