Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheapest 3G Mobiles

  Now this year 2010 is going to be the era of 3g in the field of mobile communication in India. Most of the indians have been aware of buying 3g mobiles. Mostly all of the nokia higher end phones have the facilities of 3g. But due to the cost most of us won't buy that type of phones.
  Nokia and samsung have understand it and they have introduced two entry level low cost phone with3g capability.
  At first we have to note that a 3g phone is the one which can operate under UMTS 2100MHz frequency.
  The Nokia 2730c is the entry level low cost 3g phone with 2MP camera, 30MB internal memory, bluetooth, usb and memory card slot.And this cost around Rs 4999 (approximate).
  The samsung c5130 is the entry level 3g slider phone with 1.3MP camera, 30MB internal memory, bluetooth, usb, video call and memory card slot. As it has video call feature it will have secondary camera but many of the images of this phone has no secondary camera and so i am really confused about this. The price of this phone is around Rs4904/-
 Both of the phones are really super and cool in its looks.Airtel has tied with nokia for the prom of nokia2730c and announces 100MB data free per month for 3months.

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